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Helene Alberti

An American opera singer, who in 1931 put on her wings and set out on a flight demonstration,
inspired by the Greek laws of cosmic motion.

"Mme. Helene Alberti of Brookline demonstrating the Greek law of cosmic motion with bat-like-
wings". 1931. [A1]Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection, open access.

Helene Alberti and her student experience flight in 1931, in Boston, in front of photographers and journalists who she invited to record her demonstration. Collection: University of South Carolina.

Greek laws of cosmic motion

In the 1920s, Helene Alberti began her research about the ancient Greek laws of cosmic motion. According to her, a metaphysical cultural system that would allow human beings to run tirelessly, lift tremendous weights and even fly like birds. If her latest experiments bore fruit, she planned to establish a school.

“By using the inner force from the center, I can push over a whole line of people. So can anyone if he will make use of that inner force in moving around instead of using the outside of the body only.”

-Helene Alberti in an interview to Carl Warton from The Boston Herald, October 27th, 1929, when undertaking the experiment for the first time.

 Rua Hemenway, 175, Boston

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